Cards that say "fuck you" so you don't have to say it.

Nowadays, people can get on your nerve pretty quickly, but following the basic ethics, you cannot say fuck you to them every time they speak. So, how do you actually tell them to fuck off while saying nothing? Give them a “fuck you” greeting card. Are you wondering if they really exist? Yes, they do! Giving this offensive 3D joke card to a friend may improve even the best of relationships. This insulting greeting card’s front cover has a large “Hey!” that immediately grabs the recipient’s attention. A stunning pop-up middle finger that shouts “f**k you” in no uncertain terms is the rudest blow this card can give to the person reading it. You can rely on it… you’ll receive the gasp you’re looking for.

In a friendly way

An offensively hilarious and sarcastic manner of conveying feelings such as fondness, goodwill, thanks, compassion or other positive emotions via an illustrated greeting card.

Seasonal and everyday cards are the two main greeting cards commonly sent by mail to mark a special occasion. According to one explanation, spitting has this impact because it causes an emotional response in the brain and body. With this, swearing causes your pulse rate to rise. Your body temperature rises as if you were in a survival fight or flight mode, which makes cursing greeting cards more enjoyable since it reveals how close and comfortable you are with the person you are sending the card to.

In not so friendly way

In addition to birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays, greeting cards may also show gratitude or communicate other sentiments (such as condolences). Cards to get rid of people, or decide whether I don’t care enough to deliver sarcastic humor or don’t care at all). You may also personalize the card by writing your message inside. This kind of vengeance is imperceptible and untraceable. It is a sassy little delight to get nasty cards right out of the pen. Consider including a handwritten note inside the card to make your argument very clear.

Wrapping all up…

The fabric of language starts to unravel, and the pulse of life – that which will always stay beyond words – begins to boil up from underneath. Greeting cards serve as a reminder of this fact, and they serve as a reminder that this is the case.